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About Us

Supercheap Self Storage Northern Beaches, Manly facility is a company that specializes in removal and storage and they are exceptional as they deliver portable storage modules directly to your door, and then return to pick it up once it’s loaded. Their aim is to make the self-storage process as easy as they can for the client by offering high-tech storage modules, transportation, and with the premium service they even provide expert packers and movers.

A franchise of Supercheap Storage Sydney, the Manly facility is owned by Cameron Robertson.

The rate depends on the space used and there are no hidden costs to fear, choose how you pay and how often and see how easy self-storage can be.

A man with a mission, Cameron Robertson is all set to make his franchise, Supercheap Self Storage Northern Beaches, Manly facility, a success. Born in the Northern Beaches area he travelled around Asia for a number of years before returning home and realizing this was where he belongs.

Supercheap Storage provides home-owners, renters, and businesses with a choice of different-sized portable storage modules competitive rates, and a team of experts on hand to assist in all aspects of the removal and storage Warringah business.  A popular guy in the area and at work he enjoys sports, watching and playing, particularly football as he is the goal-keeper for the Manly football team. He also likes to relax by hanging out with the guys and the family and regularly has barbeques at his home where everyone is invited. Cameron has many years’ experience of the self-storage business after working for various companies around Asia before settling back home where he is now happily married with 2 children.

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