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Choosing the right self-storage for your needs

Planning is key when you move, be it relocation, traveling or just merely renovating, a task that we associate most of the time with inconvenience and hassle. Apart from organizing our items and segregating those into things we would like to keep, and those we would like to put into storage, we are faced with the challenge of choosing the right storage facility for our needs.

There are a lot of things to consider when you move, and we are kept busy with so many things that oftentimes we overlook some details that could give potentially some savings to us, but instead shoot up our expenses. One of these details that we should not overlook is choosing the appropriate self-storage solution for our needs. A simple checklist could get you started in getting to know your needs and what is offered out there.

When we are about to move to a new place, we are faced with a lot of choices – which items to keep and which items to donate (or throw away). We are kept busy with these that one of the items that we oftentimes overlook is choosing the appropriate self-storage facility for our needs. We are left with less time to plan and scout for a better and cheaper one that in the process, we end up paying more. With appropriate planning, we will be able to choose well and can entail cost savings for us in the long-run. It is best to start planning while we are sorting our items.  We need to keep at the back of our mind which self-storage facility to engage by having a checklist of things that we would want from them. Listed here are a few things that could be considered important during the planning stage, and ultimately when faced by that choice.

When you have already sorted out the items that you would like to keep, you can start asking the following questions below. These may not be a comprehensive list, but it is a good starting point.

  1. Accessibility and convenience. Start by getting to know which of the self-storage service providers are near within your area. You need to think of accessibility when you store these items, and when you need something to be removed from these storage facilities.
  2. Cost. Find one that suits your pocket according to the size of the self-storage module. There are a number of storage facilities that would offer cheap storage, advertising this heavily on the internet. It would be best to find out if they have an online storage calculator to find out the approximate storage module that you would require when you request for a quote. This way, it would be easier for you and the service provider.
  3. Safety and security. You need to have some peace of mind, even if the items you have stored in the facility are not that valuable. You do not want to get into the hassle of getting these items again for your use, when you could spend it on other items. Try to find out in forums or in local news if the said storage facility has any history of break-ins and theft.
  4. Temperature requirements. Do you need your self-storage to moderate the temperature for some humidity sensitive items? Ask the sales representative if these are available and the cost entailing this. Sometimes, it is best to get these out in case you need it the last minute.
  5. Try to ask for discounts for long term pre-payment. There are some storage facilities that offer such additional benefit to make it more affordable for you. In your quest to find a cheap storage, try to ask for such. It does not hurt to know. The most that you get is a no.
  6. Service levels. If you have any question or require any additional information, do they respond quickly? Do they have a fast turnaround for both sales and after-sales? Or is it just during the closing of sale that they have a fast turnaround and not the after-sales? It is best to have both since self-storage is a long-term commitment. It is not because the self-storage facility secured your business that they will let you figure out things on your own. Additional things to note, too, are the services that come with securing your chosen self-storage facility – availability of pre-packing materials, help when packing your items, and the like especially when you are pressed for time. Ensure that these additional benefits do not entail any extra costs since most of the self-storage facilities now are no longer charging these.

The list is not that long, but it involves some thought and research, too. It does not cover a lot of areas, but it covers the basic questions you could start asking yourself when scouting for a proper self-storage solution.